journal articles

(2019). Parochialism, Social Norms, and Discrimination against Immigrants. Forthcoming at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

(2015). Fuzzy Sets on Shaky Ground: Parameter Sensitivity and Confirmation Bias in fsQCA. Political Analysis 23(1), 21-41.


working papers

More Publications

(2019). The Business of Politics: Candidate Defection and Party Institutionalization in Africa. Working Paper (Under Review).

(2019). ​​​Party Control of Primary Elections in New Democracies. Working Paper.

(2019). ​​​Political Endorsements and Cross-Ethnic Voting in Africa. Working Paper (Under Review).

(2019). ​​​The Effect of Cross-Ethnic Outreach in Electoral Campaigns. Working Paper (Under Review).

(2019). ​​​The Rejection of Election Results in Africa. Revise and resubmit at African Affairs.

manuscripts in progress

More Publications

(2018). ​​​Accountability Under Devolved Government: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya. Working Paper.

(2018). ​​​Communications Technology and National Identity: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. Working Paper.

(2018). ​​​Do Competitive Elections Improve Public Goods Distribution?. Working Paper.


University of California, Berkeley:

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award
  • PS2 Introduction to Comparative Politics (undergraduate lecture)
  • PS146A African Politics (undergraduate lecture)