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This book argues that inter-group conflict between natives and immigrants can be decreased through shared social norms that define a …

This book project explores the conditions under which political parties can undermine the representation of citizen interests in new …

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(2020). ​​​Linguistic Assimilation Does Not Reduce Discrimination Against Immigrants: Evidence from Germany. Forthcoming at Journal of Experimental Political Science.

(2019). Parochialism, Social Norms, and Discrimination against Immigrants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116(33), 16274-16279.

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(2015). Fuzzy Sets on Shaky Ground: Parameter Sensitivity and Confirmation Bias in fsQCA. Political Analysis 23(1), 21-41.


working papers: identity politics

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​​​Temperature and Outgroup Discrimination (Under Review)

​​​The *Hijab* Penalty: Feminist Backlash to Muslim Immigration (Under Review)

​​​Communications Technology and National Identity in Sub-Saharan Africa

​​​Ethnicity and Judicial Decision-making: Evidence from the Kenyan High Courts

​​​Political Endorsements and Cross-Ethnic Voting in Africa


University of Pittsburgh

  • Comparative Identity Politics (Fall 2020, Graduate Seminar)
  • Coding and Computational Social Science (Spring 2020, Undergraduate Lecture)
  • Introduction to African Politics (Fall 2019, Undergraduate Lecture)
  • Capstone on Comparative Politics: Democratic Erosion (Fall 2019, Undergraduate Seminar)

University of California, Berkeley

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award
  • PS2 Introduction to Comparative Politics (undergraduate lecture)
  • PS146A African Politics (undergraduate lecture)